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Keep Ideas Weird

Keep Ideas Weird

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Our take on the iconic Keep Austin Weird shirt puts an emphasis on how we do things a little different here at VLG. If you want a marketing agency that's going to serve up something creative, they need to be a little weird. 

We can dial back the crazy to meet your brand guidelines, but we believe everyone shouldn't be afraid to go weird every once in a while. Buy and wear this shirt to inspire you and others at your company with that little nudge that'll help you spin up some awesome creative.

Enjoy this in VLG brand blue, black or heather grey. You're going to love how these shirts feel. Soft, sublimation printing makes this breathable as well as stylish. It won't crack overtime and doesn't make you feel like your wearing 5 pounds of ink on your shirt. Next level t-shirts are polyester/cotton blend.

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